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Untangling Chakras: Yoga Series

Coming Soon

Join us for a seven week journey into understanding and untangling your chakras.  This workshop meets once a week for seven weeks for a 90 minute meditation/yoga class.  Each week we will focus on one of the seven chakras.  Each class starts with an introduction to each chakra, followed by a sequence of  specific poses designed to open up the chakra.  The class will conclude with a guided meditation and visualization.  

As we find ourselves in touch with the energy of our chakras we can connect to ourselves on a deeper level.  Connect to your energy and start the path to self-healing.

Each participant will receive a chakra crystal at the conclusion of each class, as well as some information about nutrition, essential oils and continued home practice.

Untangle your energy and find balance. 

Momming Untangled

Coming Soon

Do you ever vacillate between "I''m definitely up for mom of the year" and  "I'm pretty sure I've royally f'ed up my kids"? You are not alone!!

Join me and other moms who believe that they exist simply to provide their children with content for their future therapists as we travel down the road of fearing that we are not good enough.  


This workshop will focus on the stories we tell ourselves as mothers, the actual stories, and the truth to momming.  You will leave this session with a new understanding of who you are as a mother and as a woman. 


Moms that pack their kids lunch in Bento boxes and make organic chicken fingers made with ground up cauliflower need not attend, you obviously already have your s#*t together. 

Untangling My Purpose

Coming Soon

The New Your Times bestselling author says to "Start with Why" but what if you have now idea what your why is or how to find it much less start with it??

Join us to learn about yourself and discover your WHY.  This workshop will focus on learning about who you are as a person, your strengths, your weaknesses, what drives you, what holds you back.  Come ready to share and be vulnerable and leave with your WHY!

Untangling: Who the f#%k am I?  

Coming Soon

There are two ways to read this question.

There is the "who the f#%k am I" said the sarcastic emphasis places on the f#%ck, you know the tone, it involves shrugging your shoulders and raising the eyebrows.

Then there is the "who the f#%k am I" said with the emphasis on the AM, you know, the question you ask yourself because sometimes you just don't know the answer. 


This workshop will tackle both of those questions, because yes, there are two totally different answers.   

Intrigued?  Want to know more?  Want to discover your you?  Want to be confident in your you?  Join us and journey into untangling who the f#%k you are. 

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