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What's the opposite of unprecedented uncertainty?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Unprecedented: never done or known before

Uncertainty: the state of being uncertain

Unprecedented Uncertainty: existing in an uncertain state that has never been experienced before

Yep, that pretty much sums up 2020.

Over the last seven months I believe I have used the word unprecedented an unprecedented amount of times. I have also used the word uncertain to define everything from a trip to the grocery store to the current state of our nation. I think it's time to rethink my verbiage because honestly, I am tired of living in Unprecedented Uncertainty.

So, my question then becomes, what is the opposite of unprecedented uncertainty and how can I live my life in that state? Let's look at our options shall we.....


Extraordinary: beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular or established

Peace: a state of mutual harmony between people or groups

Extraordinary Peace: beyond the ordinary established state of harmony between groups

It seems like any step in the direction of peace at this point would be extraordinary, but can anyone argue that the step is necessary? We are currently living in an extremely divided world with strong opinions and lack of empathy and understanding existing on all sides of the coin. We have adopted an us vs. them ideology and run with it. Maybe it is time to take a step back, reevaluate and refocus. Listen and speak with the intent to understand, not to be understood. To steal a quote from Black Widow in The Avengers Endgame "I don't judge people by their worst mistakes." If only we could all have that same outlook, we could move towards living in a state of Extraordinary Peace.


Unheard of: such as was never known before

Assurance: self confidence, belief in one's abilities

Unheard of Assurance: never known before state of self confidence and belief in one's abilities

What if we all believed in ourselves, not in a system, not in someone else's opinion of what we are supposed to be, what if we just believed in ourselves? In a year that has thrown the educational system (and every other system for that matter) into a state of chaos, I recently found myself at an elementary school on bus duty for the second day of school. As I performed my duty of greeting the students as they got off the bus and spraying their hands with sanitizer, I found myself tearing up as those little mask covered faces looked up at me. I had to step away so they wouldn't see me cry and remind myself why I was there. I had to believe in my ability to provide for those scared, excited, nervous, beautiful children exactly what they needed. They needed the same thing they needed last year, and the year before, the same thing I had been providing for them for the last fifteen years I have been in education; reassurance that everything was going to be ok. It was my choice that day to remind myself that I am complete control of my path, my direction, my choices and the results of those decisions. Maybe we all just need that little reminder that we have the ability to chose for ourselves the roads we wish to take because we live in a state of Unheard of Assurance.


Extraordinary: exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc.; noteworthy; remarkable

Happiness: good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy

Extraordinary Happiness: remarkable state of contentment and joy

This is my choice, this is the state I am choosing to live in. Not that any of the others wouldn't also be a wonderful and welcome change to where we have been, but from this day forward, I am making the conscious decision to live in a state of Extraordinary Happiness.

I'm not claiming anything is going to be easy, I know it will take effort and deliberate choices on my part, but I am committed because the benefits of living in a state of Extraordinary Happiness far outweigh the effort it takes to get there. So, how do we get there? Everyone's journey will be different, but here are my I WILL statements.....

  1. I will practice gratitude daily, spending time to remind myself all there is for me to be grateful for in each day.

  2. I will take care of my body by practicing yoga and being intentional about what I put into it.

  3. I will seek to understand rather than change the opinions of others.

  4. I will speak my truth and allow others the opportunity to do the same.

  5. I will meditate every day and revel in the gifts the universe has given me.

  6. I will be a listening ear.

  7. I will allow myself to fail, but I will not allow myself to not get up to try again.

  8. I will forgive.

  9. I will continue to hope that previously closed doors will open.

  10. I will be an example of someone living in a state Extraordinary Happiness for my sons, and for all others in my life who are watching.

While this is not an exhaustive list, I think it's a perfect place to start. Because, in all reality, any place is the perfect place to start; you just have to begin.

From Unprecedented Uncertainty to Extraordinary Happiness, now that's a road worth traveling.

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