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Embrace the Pause

Stop everything else that you are doing , right now, seriously stop.


That's it, just breathe.

Slowly inhale, slowly exhale. Feel your chest expand with each inhale, feel the shoulders relax on each exhale.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.


Notice what is around you. Notice what your eyes can see, what your ears can hear, what your nose can smell.

Pause, and be grateful.

For your breath, for your body, for your senses, for your surroundings.


Be grateful.

Smile and say thank you, to your mind, to your body, to your spirit, to the universe.

Pause and be grateful.

In a world where we are constantly moving, where multitasking has become the norm, where being busy means being successful, where we barely have time to relax each day before waking up to do it all over again, we find our lives passing us by at lightening speed. If we do not purposefully pause, life will do just that, pass us by.

Embrace the Pause

Pause to live in the moment.

Pause to catch your breath.

Pause to collect your thoughts.

Pause to remember.

Pause to forget.

Pause to savor the moment.

Pause to commit to memory.

Pause to find your voice.

Pause to quiet your voice.

Pause to reflect.

Pause to enjoy.

Pause to find strength.

Pause to understand weakness.

Pause to focus.

Pause to clarify.

Pause to question.

Pause to feel.

Pause to let go.

Pause to breathe.

Pause to be thankful.

Pause to live.