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Change is on the horizon....

  • Get to know yourself
  • Overcome fear and anxiety
  • Rethink your relationships
  • Identify and develop your strengths
  • Break bad habits and replace them with positive ones
  • Shift your perspective
  • Find meaning in life/work/relationships
  • Develop your vision and enact a plan
  • Choose self-love
  • Know what you want and go for it

Our coaching sessions are individually designed for each client.  We use a variety of tools (emotional intelligence, self-talk and mindset assessments, identifying your passions and finding your purpose activities, etc.) to help us identify your needs and develop realistic goals and action plans. Our most popular packages are listed below.  


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Coastline at Sunset

Life Coaching Packages

All sessions are offered both in person and virtually.

Untangling My Life

12 sessions over 3 months

Self Care Investment $699

Need a change in career, a different outlook on your relationships, or maybe you just need a different perspective on life.


Our most popular package helps give you the direction you need to start cultivating change.  

12 individual one hour sessions

Weekly email and phone check ins

Celebration dinner for two


Untangled My Mojo

6 Weekly Sessions

Self Care Investment $299

Jump start your life, get your groove back, find your mojo or whatever other adage you need to get you off your ass and into you living your best life.  This six week package  will help you find your purpose, your passion and put you on the right path to pursue the change you are needing in your life.    

We will meet every week for six weeks to discuss your goals, your progress, road blocks and redirections.  This is the perfect way to light that fire under you to start making positive changes in your life.  

Untangling My Mind and Body

10 Coaching Sessions

5 Private Yoga Classes

3 Meditation/Mindfulness Sessions

Self Care Investment $999

For when you need a total reset. Combine mindfulness, meditation, and yoga with life coaching and find find your YOU.


This package offers the same benefits as our Untangling My Life package with the added benefits of yoga and meditation practices.  This is the perfect blend of mindset and motion. If you are looking for the ultimate commitment to yourself, you have found it.   

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A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health.

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